Who, Why, What?

Hi, I’m Tom.

I’m from London, England.

Until now I’ve never left Europe, I don’t really like the sun or the heat, I don’t speak any languages other than English and I’ve never had much desire to travel.

Maybe I am having a quarter-life crisis, maybe I’m running away from life, maybe I’m worried I would never get another chance to do something like this, maybe I’m being pretentious suggesting any of the above and I’m actually just on a long holiday, but I quit my job and I’m taking the opportunity to see (at least a little bit of) the world and get away from rainy Britain.

I have almost 600 Music Albums, I have a list of books I might want to read, I have my travel companion in the form of the lovely Dr Turvey and we have a rough plan of where we want to go and a deadline of August 2017.

I have created this blog mainly to keep family and friends informed of what we are up to for the next 10 months or so and as a journal to look back on after our trip. But also as something to keep me occupied during countless train, car, bus and plane rides and also as a little self-indulgence to keep the nerd in me happy.

Follow us on here, even for nothing more than to just check my spelling and grammar.

Adventure awaits!

Tom and Zan