Books Finished Along The Way

Aswell as never being much of a traveler, I’ve never been much of reader (much to my parents dismay) so I’m hoping to do some much needed catching up with a lot of the spare time I expect to have! Here’s a list of books I’ve finished and what I thought of them:

  1. Wolf HallHilary Mantel: Started 11th November, finished 13th December. Really interesting account of Henry VIII’s court during the formation of the Church of England. Told from the view of Thomas Cromwell, tough going in places but the fascinating story line pulls you through.
  2. A Christmas Carol  – Charles Dickens: Started 13th December, finished 24th December. Loved it. The story I’ve always known but still wanted to keep on going to see how Dickens tells it. 
  3. On The Road – Jack Kerouac: Started 30th December, finished 12th January. Finished on my flight to the USA, perfect timing and has left me even more excited for our travels across America. Exciting, if sometime frustrating, story about friendship and travel. I loved the characters bravery haring across the continent without any real plan other than a destination.
  4. Great Expectations – Charles Dickens: Started 16th January, 
  5. Dark Taut – Dianne Davidson: Started 29th January, finished 30th March. Not really for me, but persevered with it. It was one I picked up at a book swap in Niagara Falls, looking forward to swapping it for something else. It was an interesting murder plot line that seemed to have a lot of unnecessary filling of other things in it. And the end felt like an anti-climax
  6. The Lowland – Jhumpa Lahiri: Started 7th April, finished 22nd April. Loved it. Whirlwind start that settled down into an exciting and intricate story