“Driving Home For Christmas”

Apparently it’s only 24 sleeps till Christmas, how did that happen?! The Christmas playlist on repeat at Nairobi airport is messing with my head. It doesn’t feel festive when its 20 degrees outside! Apparently its freezing in London, so no doubt in 10 hours when we land at Heathrow it will feel very festive all of a sudden! Alander-Calendar come at me!

Ready to go, can you spot the Rhino?

So the end of our Africa trip, the prologue. How incredible its been, I think if you had asked either of us what to expect when we set out just under 3 weeks ago we wouldn’t have been able to give a definitive answer. But we can both say that its far exceeded our expectations. The organisers of our Safari were incredible, everything went off without a hitch (we were delivered to the airport this morning well on time and hassle free) and talking to other travelers it seems we got great value for money. Ethiopia before it was just as fun, the issue of Suzanne’s knee was the only downer to the trip, but it hasn’t stopped us enjoying every moment. We finished our trip last night with a longer stroll around Nairobi, again looking for places to exchange money; this time Tanzania Shilling which seem even harder to change that US Dollars but we managed it in the end. We then did a little bit of exploring and found the Supreme Court of Kenya and a statue of Kenyatta Jomo (Kenya’s founding farther). The city was just as busy as the day we arrived and walking around was like a game of British Buldog. We decided an hour was enough and after a quick trip to some souvenir shops we headed for the sanctuary of our hotel, early dinner and bed.


Alarm off at 5.15 am (which will be 2.15 am when we get back to the UK) in time to get picked up and driven tot he airport. 3 security checks and on passport control later and we are at our gate waiting to board, next to a big picture of the elusive Black Rhino, we’ll count it as part of our big 5! We found a little present for ourselves to take home and then I found a carton (yes carton) of Lucozade to bring home, funny way to finish the trip. East Africa is great, I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. It has left us with a huge appetite to begin our trip in full in 30 days time (who’s counting).


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