“Baby, We Were Born To Run!”

And we’re off. After 3 years of saving, 2 years of planning, 1 year of organising and a few unemployed weeks of waiting we are off to Africa. If our trip was a book this would be the prologue. 3 weeks split between Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania before returning for Christmas and then off again for a 6 month stint around the world.

Perhaps predictably, although no doubt strangely for many of you who aren’t runners, me and Zan begin our adventure in Addis Ababa the captital of Ethiopia for a running holiday with RunFastTours which will culminate with the “Great Ethiopian Run” a 10KM race through the streets that are 2,500m above sea level in 20+ Degrees Celsius. I imagine it will be much more fun than a 10KM around Vicky Park (as lovely as the people’s park is!) although I will probably be a lot further down the field given that Addis is nicknamed the land of runners. My aim for the day will be to be the first non african across the line, but that could still be outside the top 100, 500 or even 1000 athletes I have no idea! 

After that we will be on Safari, in search of the big 5 (whatever they are!?) Binoculars, cameras and camcorders all ready to capture anything deemed more impressive than the squirrel that has been pestering mums bird feeder all week or the pigeons prowling the platform while we wait for this Piccadilly Line train to depart from Barons Court Station. Hopefully the sun will shine as impressively as it currently is through the carriage windows (factor 50 is primed, although im guessing it wont be strong enough, seriously do they make factor 100??) I’m expecting it will be a touch warmer than it is on this fine crisp London afternoon even though everyone keeps saying how cold it can be at night.  

Before all that I have to negotiate my first ever long-hall flight (which also happens to be my first ever “red eye” flight) as well as my first ever flight connection. Landing in Nairobi at 5am before boarding another flight 2 hours later (this part of Africa is 3 hours ahead of the UK so it will actually feel like 2am) hoping our luggage is correctly transferred, what could possibly go wrong…?  


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